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Practical skills

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    Did you know that the earliest known soap was made by the Babylonians around 2800BC, and this proces.. >>>

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The case-lessons "Practical skills" are ideal for active and determined people who understand that there is no knowledge so much in theory but in practice. The notes of case-lessons will help to enrich not only the intellect but also to acquire a number of habits that will help you in real life. 

The case-lessons "Practical skills" contain tips on life hacking, which makes life much easier for an ordinary person who does not have enough time and exhaustive knowledge. The case-lessons "Practical skills" are the collection of knowledge from a variety of sources and sciences. Thanks to the clear display of material and simplicity of language, it is readily stored in memory. 

In general, the structure of the case-lessons is like a popular scientific article, containing large quantities of charts, tables, graphs, diagrams, videos and pictures that only facilitate the perception of the material. Each case-lesson is divided into subsections and answers a particular question, voiced in the introduction. 

The case-lessons "Makeup and personal hygiene", as it is not difficult to guess, learn the rules of self-care, provides tools that help to keep the body clean and fresh, well-groomed and attractive. This section is perfect for exploring not only by girls but also by boys, because most modern men have a habit to take care of themselves no less eager than women do. 

The case-lessons do not contain banality. Studying the notes of case-lessons you will not find information about how important it is to, say, brush your teeth in the morning and wash off makeup in the evening. The case-lessons "Practical skills" comprehensively introduces the study object, for example, the soap, mascara, cream or wipes. Then the subject is studied from the point of view of different sciences: history and mathematics, psychology and social science etc. This approach allows us to be acquainted with its history and ways of its application in other industries. 

Equally important will be the case-lessons from the section “And 100 skills more". Here you will learn how to survive in extreme conditions. What do we need to bring on a camping trip? How can we scare away wild animals? How is it possible to protect yourself from the rain? Is it possible to start a fire, not having at hand the matches and lighters? 

Buy the case-lessons "Practical skills" – you can do it by doing a few clicks directly on the website. The case-lessons will help to acquire an interesting hobby, learn to implement various utility, teach personal responsibility, teamwork, adaptability, critical thinking, and the ability to obtain the necessary knowledge, to set and achieve goals.

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