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    Case "Snowflakes and fractals" 10 + grade

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    What do you know about a snowflake? Is it a small piece of snow that falls from the sky or a small ".. >>>

    • Science: Geography/Astronomy/Scans/Mathematics/Art/Relaxation/Emotion

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    Rating of the case 58

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    Case "What is Android?" 2 + grade

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    Who is the Android? The robot that looks like a human? If it is so, could it have emotions or empath.. >>>

    • Scans: Technology/Computers/Intelligence/Emotion/Philosophy/Ethics/Sports/Art/Literature/Film

    USD 15.0

    Rating of the case 66

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    Case "What is Bitcoin?" 10-11 grade

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    More and more people purchase goods using the Internet. A lot of new payment systems emerged in orde.. >>>

    • Scans: Economics/Computer Science/Mathematics/History/Technology/Business/Investment/Geography/Law/Nanotechnology

    USD 15.0

    Rating of the case 71


Mathematics and computers is a very important educational segment, which will allow children to be acquainted with one of the most modern important sciences. In addition, computer literacy is a mandatory skill that must be presented in every successful modern man’s life. It is difficult to find a job and even to build a personal life without computer knowledge – modern technology offers various options for communication and collaboration on the Internet. 

Case-lessons that are offered in this section will allow every student to become acquainted with the knowledge of this area. Moreover, the training will take place in the form of an unobtrusive entertainment. Using this way students get knew information faster and easier.

Cases provided in this section, for the convenience of the user are divided into several segments according to specific criteria.

If you are interested in the emphasis on information that can be found on the Internet, how it can be easily found on the network segment and be filtered right – you should choice case-lessons that can be found in the section "Information and the Internet". Knowledge, which is given by materials in this section, will be useful during not only studying and working in the future, but in the personal life.

Interest in the important and very promising specialty modernity – IT – can give case-lessons that are in the "Computers and programming" section. More and more young people choose for themselves the programmer profession, earning good money and reputation for the country. That is why this section is so popular.

"General mathematics" is a section that introduces students to the basics of mathematics. Without it is impossible to get knowledge and to master many professions. Math has never been considered an easy science, but thanks to a new approach to education, mathematics becomes available for the majority of students. Case-lessons presented in this section will help students to cope with seemingly complex tasks, which, moreover, are also relevant in our day.

"Plotting and forecasting" – this section proposes cases that teach students to predict, opening for them the door to the world of futuristic and new professions. The ability to anticipate the multiple crises or, conversely, improvements is excellent qualities for professionals and employers appreciate it. 

"Systems thinking" teach students a comprehensive view of the situation, so the answer and solution to the problem can be found faster. Case-lessons that you can find in this section give such knowledge. To buy case-lesson from this section means to give students the key to the future.

"Contemporary Mathematics" is a section that contains case-lessons with information, which is not only relevant in the modern world, but also teaches to foresee the future. Students no longer need to read old books that become obsolete every day. This modern mathematics is what people need to be successful today and in the future.

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