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Business success

Today, young people know that the bright future is achieved by building a successful business. However, not everyone knows how to do a successful business. Unfortunately, many people do not have time to grab the tail of the bird of luck because of the nature of character or lack of skills. These people continue to work, helping to develop someone’s business, which has nothing to do with their cherished dream. The case-lessons "Business success" will help to understand all this. 

The case-lessons represent a special teaching method that allows accumulating knowledge of specific areas of one or more objects or phenomena in the complex. For example, if the case-lesson is about money, then the student has the unique chance to be acquainted with their functions, methods of printing, history and methods of accumulating and increasing, varieties of monetary units in different countries and so on. 

To get a ticket to a bright future, we recommend you to read the note of case-lessons "Business success". Every educated high school student knows about Economics, that studies economic activity of companies in the field of production, distribution, consumption and exchange of goods. However, what is Wealthynomics? This concept is similar to the economy and at the same time very different from it. In fact, the word "economy" means "savings", while Wealthynomics offers not to save, but to prosper. In other words, "Wealthynomics" – is the study of methods of enrichment. More information about the intricacies of Wealthynomics can be found studying the case-lessons. 

So, what will we find out, buying the case-lesson of the section "Business success"? One lesson is about... credit card. The majority of financial transactions that produces during the day, people associated with the use of a credit card. It can help to pay for services or goods or it can be used as funds saving. The case-lesson "Business success" will help you find answers to the following questions: how does credit card work? You will also learn about the features of certain types of cards, which are issued by banks. Studying the notes of the case-lessons you will be able to find information: when the first prototype of the credit card was born; what the history of this financial phenomenon is. Who is the owner of the card? What do the numbers on the card mean? How can we use credit cards? What is the price of credit cards? About this and much more you will learn, buying the case-lesson "The credit card". 

After studying the case-lessons, students will acquire the following practical skills: ability to use credit card, to withdraw cash and to pay using bank transfer. Students acquire fundamental competencies: learning to manage money properly, to concentrate, to manage your time, to think critically, to control – without which it is quite difficult to build a successful business. 

Another lesson from the section "Business success" will be the case-lesson devoted to Disneyland. Based on functioning of the amusement park, as a sample of one of the most successful business projects of our time, students will be able to be acquainted with such concepts as the profitability of business and its social significance. In addition, the case-lesson will teach you how to navigate the volumes of cash and temporary investments for building a successful business. In general, the purchasing of lesson and training with it forms leadership qualities and the ability to achieve their goals, act in conditions of uncertainty, to build competent management habits, to present yourself and your ideas.

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