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Here are case lessons on the most burning topics: lifestyle, health and safety. Case lessons cover the issues of nutrition, fashion, and the effects of medicines, unique hobbies, arts, the development of feelings - from empathy and sense of proportion to a sense of taste and time.

20 Cases in 1 Package:
Case: "To eat or not to eat? – That is the question"

Case: "Chemistry of love"

Case: “Salt and sugar are the white enemies of Man. True or false?"

Case: «Toothache»

Case: "Labyrinths: how to find exits"

Case Hairstyle” 

Case:«Get caught fish, big ones or small ones»

Case "Concentration on money, energy, attention and life "

Case «A photograph: past, present, future»

Case "The formula of mud"

Case "The secrets of water"

Case "Fire – the fourth element"

Case "What is Bitcoin?"

Case “Credit card”

Case "The mobile phone means everything to me"

Case "Ford – automobiles and Man"

Case "Soap – beautiful and useful"

Сase-lesson "Pearls"

Case “Mount Rubbish”

Case “The air surrounding us”


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