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    Sometimes life can be compared to a chessboard where the players play their "own game".Some combinat.. >>>

    • Scans: Mathematics/History/Geography/Technology/Sports/Science/Psychology/Literature and cinema/Personalities/Business

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    Case "The ball is jumping" 9 grade

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    A jumping ball. Is it a simple thing?Do you know what scientific laws and principles describe this?W.. >>>

    • Scans: Sports/Health/Mathematics/Science/History/Technology

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The case-lessons "Sports" seem fantastic, but really, nothing is impossible. Sport is a science, consisting, oddly enough, not only from practice but also from a rather comprehensive theory. The category "Sports" includes the case-lessons about different sports, which help to keep the body and mind in good shape. Yes, you have heard right, there are some types of sports, when training is not required to perform any complex movements and straining many muscles, it is needed just start working on all the functions of your brain. 

"Sports" the case-lessons help not only to be acquainted with the specifics of a particular type of physical activity, but also to learn its history and philosophy. In addition, the notes of case-lessons "Sports" will tell you about science, which are connected with sports. For example, what can be common between physics and sports? It is simple. For example, to make the jump, you need to push off, and landing is impossible without gravity. Running, for example, can be studied not only as a cardio load, but also as the process where speed and distance are studied. Therefore, we are close to study such science as mathematics. 

The case-lessons "Sports" contain a lot of information from different branches of science, which are studied at school, and exist independently of the school curriculum. By purchasing the case-lessons "Sport", you will be able to see a trivial exercise from the point of view of health, social sciences, doctrine of man and humanity, art, history and others. 

The notes of the case-lessons immerse you in the investigated topic, and you will get additional knowledge, skills, abilities and competence. The case-lessons "Sports" will help to find new ways of extraction of interesting and useful knowledge contribute to the ability to set and achieve goals, develop leadership skills, to think positively, to work in a team, to concentrate, to filter information and to overcome obstacles. 

In addition to theoretical skills, learning the case-lessons "Sport" will help to encourage yourself to physical exercise, to strengthen health, to become more agile, prettier, smarter, to find harmony with your body and the outside world. 

So, do you want to learn the art of capoeira? Then welcome to the "Sport"! The case-lesson about martial art-dance will give you topic for thought and new knowledge. If you like play with a ball, we advise you to buy the case-lesson "The ball is jumping" and you will broaden your horizons and be acquainted with the physical processes during playing favorite games. However, for people who prefer to work more intellectually than physically, we will advise to study category "Chess". Using the case-lesson you will learn combinational thinking, create tactics and strategies in a local and global scale. Do you want to become the smartest among your friends? Then buy the case-lesson "Chess" and prove that you are among the smartest people – chess players.

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