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Modern Mathematics

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    Case "Snowflakes and fractals" 10 + grade

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    What do you know about a snowflake? Is it a small piece of snow that falls from the sky or a small ".. >>>

    • Science: Geography/Astronomy/Scans/Mathematics/Art/Relaxation/Emotion

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Case-lessons "Modern Mathematics" will help you to look at the surrounding us physical aspects of nature into a mathematical corner. With this approach, even those students who consider themselves as "humanitarians" will be able to understand in detail the vicissitudes of mathematical science, and perhaps even to love it.

It often happens that mathematical lessons give uninteresting information. However, we cannot say the same about case-lessons where the subject are studied from all sides. Thus, studying, for example, features of the structure of a snowflake as a geometric figure, you will become aware of the statements about not only its structure and form, but the number of snowflakes in 1 cubic meter of snow, amount of snow precipitation in different parts of the world. In addition, you will be able to know when and where the earth was hit by the biggest snowfalls and you will know is there snow on other planets of the solar system.

The case-lessons "Contemporary Mathematics" touch science with which the modern student faces every day during the educational process. In particular, we are talking about the fundamental school subjects, such as Science and geography. Thus, "Modern Mathematics" is a unique opportunity to enrich comprehensively your intellectual baggage and at the same time to study in details one of the topics that are directly relevant to the field of modern Mathematics.

The case-lessons “Modern Mathematics” have a very clear structure. First, the student meets with an introductory part, gently immersed into the investigated topic and prepares to receive the answers to key questions concerning the subject. Then you will see the theme of the case-lesson from multiple angles: from the point of view of geography, astronomy, Science and other subjects. Therefore, studying the case-lesson about the shape of snowflakes, the student learns that such an amazingly beautiful part of the future drift has a geometric form of fractal, which was described by the Swedish mathematician Helge von Koch in the early twentieth century. Next, the student is immersed in the subject more, studies phenomena and objects, which are similar to the snowflake shape, sorting algorithms geometric forms, exploring what Sciences and areas of life it applies.

The case-lessons can be useful to students of schools, gymnasiums and high schools, and even universities. To buy case-lessons can any interested user. The case-lessons "Contemporary Mathematics" will give you knew knowledge, develop creative thinking and ingenuity, and teach effective teamwork and individual creative thinking at the same time. Buying case-lessons “Modern Mathematics”, you will expand your horizons and learn to understand the features of art and design, achieve a total understanding of some physical and chemical processes, learn to look at things around you from different angles and sides.

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