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Advertising and market

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    Case "How to become a brand" 9 grade

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    Sense: The world is ruled by brands. These companies open someone’s’ wallet. Moreover, the same.. >>>

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What is an ad? How does it affect the state of the market? What does it include advertising? How is it interrelated with the concept of the brand? How is it possible to be able to sell people things they do not need? How is it possible to do a business and make money? The case-lessons collected in the section "Advertising and market" will provide answers.

Modern citizen watch the advertising message everywhere. There are TV screens, billboards, newspaper and magazine pages, and particular the World Wide Web propose different ads. It is hard to resist and not to buy something. However, many people have learned to ignore promotional messages and treat them solely as a negative factor. Why is advertising so popular nowadays? The case-lessons "Advertising and market" will help to dismantle concepts such as brand, trademark, market, advertising campaign and others. The main objective of the case-lessons of this category is to help students to get a comprehensive view of all the above concepts to obtain knowledge of marketing, creativity, psychology, philosophy, history and others. 

Special attention among the case-lessons "Advertisement and market" will be given to the concept of the brand. Students will be able to see how easy it is to turn into a brand or create it yourself. You will also learn advertising influences on the brand. In fact, service or personality becomes a brand through branding and positive reputation. 

For example, the case-lesson "How to become a brand" will teach you about the brightest examples of creative advertising that managed to go down in history. In addition, students will be able to familiarize yourself with the history of the brands that today are well known. Studying the case-lessons students will be able to recall the most popular brands and will be able to assess the quality of their advertising at the dawn of creation, the peak of popularity and today. 

In addition, the case-lessons will be dedicated to the methods of work of creative advertisers, ways to create advertising messages, their types and subtypes. Students will become familiar with the budget planning process for advertising.

The "Advertisement and market" includes topics related to the economy. Therefore, students are offered case-lessons about the functioning of the market as an integral system of the world economy. The lesson will talk about what the market is, how it works and what role it performs. You will learn about the different types of market and get acquainted with the characteristics of the market of goods, services, personnel, advertising, and information and so on. Inquisitive students will familiarize with the methods of promotion of products on the market that in the future can provide benefits in the first steps at work. 

To become more literate and competent in the fields of advertising and market, you just need to choose the theme you want and buy a case-lesson. After reviewing the curriculum of the lesson, you will learn how to make decisions, be creative, learn to identify mistakes and work effectively on them. The case-lessons will help to acquire such qualities as self-control, responsibility, ability to prioritize and focus on work. 

The case-lessons "Advertisement and market" are your chance to learn how to compose advertising messages. You may become a great guru in the field of advertising technologies in the future.

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