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  • Case "The oil in the salad and on my head"

Case "The oil in the salad and on my head"7 + Level

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Sense: Nowadays, you can see a huge number of different kinds of oilson the store shelves. They vary in taste, smell, texture, method of application and use.

Attractiveness: However, studying this case-lesson you can understand how and when you should use them, learn how they are produced, get some knowledge from the school curriculum in science, art, and get just useful tips and interesting things. 

Competence: This case-lesson will teach you such competencesaspositive thinking, teamwork, and education of taste, concern for quality, critical thinking, literacy, speech and communication, domestic skills, skills of preparation of dishes and sauces, the ability to understand art. All of this and a lot of useful information is waiting for you in the case- lesson.


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