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Unknown and new science

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    Case "Antigravity" 8 + grade

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    Antigravity is one of the most popular phenomenon in science fiction, but many scientists believe th.. >>>

    • Scans: Science/Music/Astronomy/Cosmology/Engineering/Art

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    Case "Black holes" 8 + grade

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    What are black holes? How big are black holes? How do black holes form? Could a black hole destroy o.. >>>

    • Scans: Science/Biotechnology/Ecology/Technology/Intelligence/Arts/

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Are you interested in the unknown? Do you dream to touch the magic? Do you like fiction? If you are curious and diligently strive to learn something new, unusual and mysterious, the case-lessons "Unknown and the new science" are exactly what you have been looking for. You can greatly expand your knowledge and learn how to explain the unexplainable, to be acquainted with such concepts, the existence of which you previously did not even know.

The case-lessons presented in this section suggest to be acquainted with the latest scientific industries, which have recently taken a place of honor in the list of basic sciences. These sciences are becoming more specialized, requiring detailed study in a particular specialization. The case-lesson "Unknown and the new science" will touch such emerging branches of modern science as quantum biology, genetic engineering, ecometeorological, nutrigenomics, cliodynamics, synthetic biology, memetics, plastic electronics, philematology, hominology and others. Probably, average person does not even now these words. The task of the case-lessons "Unknown and the new science" is to dispel this ignorance and enlighten those who are want to get some additional knowledge. 

To become better educated and more knowledgeable in many areas, most people prefer to use the Internet and books. However, these sources often contain a very large amount of information, which is quite difficult to handle. The notes of the case-lessons are more concise, but informative. The information is clearly structured; data corresponds to the subheadings and clearly answer all the questions preceding the subject. 

"Unknown and the new science" the case-lessons often offer the student a close acquaintance with science phenomena that are still poorly understood. Practice shows that the number of the case-lessons "Unknown and the new science" contains information that many students have never heard about. You will find out about such concepts as black hole, antigravity, advanced technology, time travel, some physical laws and so on. 

Want is gravity and whether there is antithesis – anti-gravity? What is the antimatter? What is the black hole? Is it possible to use them to see into the future? Is it possible to "hear" the black hole? Do forests grow in the desert? How many chemical elements are in the periodic table? How often is it updated with new items? What kind of art will be the most popular in the distant future? Buy the case-lessons "Unknown and the new science", and you will find answers to thousands of interesting questions from science. 

The case-lessons are the opportunity for each student to awaken attraction to the invention, be intellectually developed, learn how to work with technology, to think creatively.

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