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  • Case "Smartphone means everything to me"

Case "Smartphone means everything to me"9 Level

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It is hard to imagine a modern man without a smartphone. This gadget evolves so quickly and absorbs a lot of new scientific and technological ideas, acquiring opportunities and features. That is why the smartphone is our indispensable assistant and "friend". 

Would you like to understand your "friend" better and to know what technologies are behind its features? So, let's have a look inside the gadget!

This case-lesson will help you to understand how such subjects as physics, chemistry, economics, math and even literature are interconnected in one gadget. You will also try to find your own ways of getting the smartphones more handy and customized.

During this case-lesson you will also practice such skills as critical thinking, the ability to filter information, analytical thinking, communication skills, memory, ICT, project and teamwork.

What knowledge the case lesson gives?


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