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Physics, chemistry, cosmology

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    Case "Journey to Mars!" 11 grade

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    "Mars needs YOU! In the future, Mars will need all kinds of explorers, farmers, surveyors, and teach.. >>>

    • Scans: Astronomy Mathematics Science Climatology Geology Technology History Business

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    Salt and sugar are well known products for everybody. Although, there are still so many common belie.. >>>

    • Scans: Science/Technology/Economics/Business/History/Health

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    How do you call a person who commands, pilots, or serves as a crew member of a spacecraft?An astrona.. >>>

    • Health/Hygiene/Technology/Practical Skills/Drawing/Sports

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The desire to learn something new is always commendable and in the future implicitly brings incomparable results. When a person is well versed almost in all the sciences and pseudo-scientific topics, he is a great conversationalist, and can hold a conversation on any subject. Unfortunately, many of us consider unnecessary to go into detail of such science as physics and chemistry. However, we are sure that a lot of students will change their mind after studying the case-lessons “Physics, chemistry and cosmology".

What is the case-lesson chemistry of the category "Physics, chemistry and cosmology"? Studying the case-lesson, the subject will be considered from not only the point of view of chemistry, but also other sciences. 

The first case-lesson is devoted to such well-known products, which are widely used in food industry – sugar and salt. Having studied the note of the case-lesson "Salt and sugar – white enemies of man. Is this true?", you will not only learn what are these elements, what properties they possess and the impact on the human body, but also get acquainted with the technology of sugar production and salt extraction. 

What kind of salt is used in food and which is used in medicine and cosmetology? Is it possible to answer clearly the question about the dangers of sugar? If you want to get the answers to these questions and learn other interesting information and curious facts of this topic, we recommend you to buy the case-lessons. 

The case-lesson “Course to Mars" is interesting, too. It is referring to such an interesting and relatively new science called cosmology. What is cosmology? According to scientists, it studies the Universe as a whole. Thus, we can conclude that the cosmology is pertaining to mathematics, astronomy, physics and chemistry. 

The fascinating case-lesson “Course to Mars" will allow students get thoroughly acquainted with the Red planet in the Solar system. Probably you have already heard about the plans of Mars colonization. Therefore, maybe in a few decades this planet will be able to shelter the representatives of humanity. Maybe it will be our second home.

The case-lesson about Mars will help you to understand what Red planet is, what the terrain and climate are, whether there is life on Mars and what plans humanity has. You will meet with Mars like planet that is theoretically habitable and as with a celestial body, having its companions with strange names, which translated from Greek as "horror" and "fear". The note of the case-lesson will help you to enrich your knowledge of mathematics, proposing to calculate the distance from Mars to Earth. You will also learn why Mars is called Red planet – the answer to this question you will get studying the case-lesson. 

The section also offers to buy the case-lesson that will help to make a correct representation of most of the phenomena that surround us. The case-lessons “Physics, chemistry and cosmology" – this is your chance to become literate in sciences and acquire skills such as the ability to extract and use information, skills of team and individual work, leadership, independence, critical thinking, overcoming challenges, innovation and working with technology.

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