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    Среди всего разнообразия музыкальных инструментов гитаре отведено особое место. Она пользуется огром.. >>>

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What is the role of music in human life? What is more important: musical direction, which we prefer to listen to or emotions that we get? How does music develop throughout the millennia of human existence? What are immortal works of musical geniuses? The case-lessons "Music" will answer all this questions and even more. 

The case-lesson "Music" is an opportunity not only to touch the beautiful, but also to become much more educated than you are. After all, well-rounded person is usually regarded as a pleasant conversationalist, able to tell a lot of interesting and new. Usually people love to spend time with those who are able to enrich their knowledge, give new experiences, and equip extraordinary ideas. The case-lessons "Music" directly related to the industry of arts, which includes the following fields: painting, sculpture, literature, architecture, design, and more. The presence of at least minimal knowledge in these industries makes you an interesting person in your own eyes and in the eyes of your surroundings. 

So what are the skills you can acquire, learning case-lessons "Music"? First, you will learn how to understand music, learn about its trends, and be acquainted with new names. In addition, you will find detailed information about the biographies of well-known musicians and composers of the past and present. The teaching method of the case-lessons will help you to become a connoisseur of the beautiful, to develop good taste and even to awaken some musical talents. All the lessons presented on our website contain lively and interesting information, so you will not be bored. Diagrams, infographics, graphic and video materials will help to delve into the very depths of the subject and to draw the right conclusions, filter out the relevant information and assimilate it. 

Buying the case-lessons will help you to be more diligent, develop a craving for independent learning and thinking, develop some practical skills, to rethink the hobby and start looking for it, to cultivate good eating habits and enrich knowledge in the field of history and science. 

Buy the case-lesson "Guitar and strings" and find out not only about the structure of this musical instrument, but other types and classes of musical instruments. Have you known that the tools by which music is created, distinguished by the following types: strings, reeds, brass and percussion? Moreover, each species is divided into additional subtypes. If you are a person who loves music, this information will be incredibly useful for you. The case-lessons "Music" will answer the next question: what is sound and how does a human ear perceive it? How is the sound spread? What are the different types of guitars? How can you choose a guitar and what is the guitar of the future? The case-lessons "Music" will help you to understand the tone of the sound, learn the formula of the sound and its impact on human rights. 

Everyone can buy the case-lessons “Music”. One click is to buy the note of the case-lesson you are interested in.

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