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Morale and communication

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    Case "Chemistry of love" 10-11 grade

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    Chemistry of love. Is it about science or about mystery? Are there special “love agents" in our mind.. >>>

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    What is friendship today? How many meanings have the words "like" and "friend" in the twenty-fi.. >>>

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    Why do we change our mood so frequently? Why it is so easy to control our mood? Can we control our m.. >>>

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There are several ways to restrain the person in the manifestation of his negative emotions. The law and morality are at the first place. However, what is morality, what components does it include, and whether it should be in the era of advanced technology and constantly progressing scientific and technological development? How is morality connected with communications? The case-lessons “Morality and communication” will help to get a broader idea of morality and to grasp the connection between concepts, governing the actions of man for centuries, with various forms of communication. 

The case-lessons "Morality and communication" will help students to gain a full understanding of the key components of ethics and morality, such as friendship, love, family, interpersonal relationships, happiness, mutual aid and so on. Each of the above categories will be considered from the different parties that will help the student to learn the subject more fully. The case-lessons “Morality and communication”, as well as other case-lessons presented on this site, have a certain structure, which allows absorbing new information clearly. 

Notes of case-lessons do not contain the dry theory; the information is very lively and interesting. Every topic reveals the theme deeper, thereby involving the student in the narrative and awakening the desire to learn as much as possible about the object or phenomenon from a given theme. 

Therefore, the moral and communication – lessons – allow the student to obtain answers to questions from the field of psychology, sociology, science, history, anatomy, and other, the possession of which helps to understand the world around us better.

The case-lessons, which are collected in the section "Morality and communication", addresses the key phenomena of personal and interpersonal relations at different angles. Therefore, if you choose the topic "Chemistry of love", you will not hear trite phrases about it feeling. The authors developed the case-lesson specially for this site, will present to students the concept of "love" from the point of view of ancient and modern philosophers and historians, from the standpoint of the chemical processes and religious concepts. In addition, case-lesson about the chemistry of love in the section "Morality and communication" will provide answers to unexpected questions. For example, you will learn why it is considered that “women love with their ears, and men – eyes." In addition, you will know who else, besides the person is able to experience the strong love of a kind. Geography, mythology, culture and chemistry of love – you will be studying under the prism of these Sciences. 

However, there more than the love is. The portal offers to buy the case-lessons "Moral and communications" relating to other topics. For example, if you are the eternal pessimists it would be nice to add into your life a touch of positive – especially for you section offers the case-lesson about keeping a good mood throughout a day. Someone can be interested is the theme of greed. There is not only the concept, but also some ways to eradicate it. In addition, you can buy case-lessons on topics such as friendship, communication in the real world and social networks, family relations and values and so on. 

The result of studying the case-lessons will be acquiring such useful skills like: positive thinking, emotion, empathy, pluralism (the formation of judgments on a particular topic and at the same time painless adoption of the opinion of others), the desire for getting deeper knowledge of the world, the ability to build relationships, conduct negotiations, competently express thoughts both orally and on paper.

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