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Health, safety and medicine lessons

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    Our nutrition affects our health, quality of life and mood. How should you develop your own nutritio.. >>>

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    Case "Toothache" 7+ grade

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    Toothaches are one of the most unpleasant feelings. What are common reasons of tooth pain? How can y.. >>>

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One of the key human needs is security. The need to feel protected comes on a subconscious level. However, only feeling of being inside a protective cocoon, people can fully feel the comfort and pleasure. To security needs we can also include the human desire to be healthy. Good healthy can give confidence in the near future. 

The case-lessons "Health, safety and medicine lessons" will teach you what lifestyle you should lead to be healthy. Most of the lessons from this section belong to the science of health – valeology. It means "to be healthy". 

In any case, the lesson involves a logical and consistent placement of the material. Tables, charts, comparative specifications, diagrams, formulas, informative pictures and videos often characterize the material. The clear presentation promotes absorption and retention of information. That is why the methodology of the case-lessons "Health, safety and medicine lessons” is so valuable and relevant in the educational process of modern realities. 

What will be discussed during studying "Health, safety and medicine lessons"? The key mission of the material is that the reader brings up the healthy habits that will help to maintain body and spirit in shape for many decades. The case-lessons will tell about eating habits, exercise, lifestyle and quitting bad habits. Most of the case-lessons are devoted to nutrition because we are what we eat, and our body often depends on the physical activity and sport. 

Athletes, bodybuilders and ordinary people who want to look slim and beautiful, have long understood that the abuse of fast food is not beneficial, so make it a habit to replace the fatty pork with lean chicken. The notes of case-lessons will help to answer the questions about health and nutrition as well as familiarize with different diets and will describe the pros and cons of each. The case-lessons will tell about the principles of proper and healthy separation of power and the difference between these concepts. The case-lessons will help to make the menu and teach critical thinking when choosing courses. You will also learn about the different biological and physical reactions that occur in the body when consuming certain foods. 

With the help of lessons, you will learn about the nature of the pain and the ways of its treatment. You will find out if new teeth can grow in place of the old. You will find out who "the toothiest" is in the world. In addition, you will learn how to take care of the systems of your body to prevent occurrence of problems. 

You can buy the case-lessons directly on the website. The case-lessons about health, safety and medicine give invaluable theoretical knowledge and practical experience related to sciences, psychology, health, physical education, anatomy, medicine and... even linguistics.

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