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    How often do you laugh? How often do you cry? What may cause you to laugh or to cry? Let's try to di.. >>>

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Children learn important things in school. However, for some reasons many of them will not be useful in life. Nevertheless, what is necessary for all people without exception? What is ignored for some reasons by the curriculum? How do you think?

We are talking about happiness lessons. Some students, after graduation, want to build a career. Others want to find their comfort in the family or hobbies. Others still do not know what they want. However, all these different people are united by one desire – they want to be happy.

If you interrogate a thousand people, asking them what they think about happiness, you will hear a thousand different answers. Everybody produces for himself this concept in his own way. However, despite this, we all dream that happiness will be present in our lives in a way in which we would like. Why important for everyone things are not learnt from a childhood?

Moreover, is it possible to learn how to be happy? The happiness case-lessons, which are presented in our online store, able to teach happiness. Studying the case-lessons about happiness, many people will be able to create completely for themselves the requirements for this concept. 

Despite the fact that the concept of happiness is not taught at school, it is studied. by philosophy, psychology, theology, and even mathematics. Naturally, there are results of such studies. However, why do not to familiarize the younger generation that will be the foundation of their future? 

The case-lessons presented in this section are scanning for a variety of subjects that do not just tell students about how to live a happy life, but also give useful information from different life knowledge.

The case-lesson does not always require the note of case-lesson. Because the concepts are remembered by student easily and quickly. To buy the case-lesson happiness is to present a ticket for children in their happy future; they will be able to build for themselves. 

You can build a career, but what if the achievements obtained through hard work will not bring happiness? Maybe we should teach people from early childhood to understand themselves, their desires, and understand what will bring satisfaction. 

According to the Dalai Lama, happiness can be developed in two ways – external and internal. The outside world – this is what surrounds us – the family atmosphere and wealth: clothes, phones, apartments, for which we are seeking. This part of the happiness we have developed at a high level.

However, what about the internal, which allows to live in harmony with oneself and with the environment. How can we achieve such a result?

According to many psychologists, the people are not happy because of the constant rush and fearing of change. What will be, we think, if I stop? Moreover, if I do not have time, I will be late everywhere. It turns out, many of us are not capable of decisive action, because we are afraid of going and meeting good fortune.

Of course, happiness also depends on the environment, our attitude to any situation, those who are close. How can we choose people who can bring comfort and good mood? How is it possible to get rid of those who are just destroys your life, not bringing anything new into it?

The answers to these questions you will find if you decide to buy happiness case-lessons. The case-lessons of happiness are needed in the life of every person who wants to be happy.

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