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    Case "The lord of the forest" 7 - 9 grade

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    Have you ever thought about being a forester or a huntsman? What do you know about these occupations.. >>>

    • Scans: Social Studies/Law/Safety/Health/Ecology/Science/Natural Science/History/Art/Literature

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The choice of highly paid and rewarding professions today can be a good investment in better future. Most young people think about whom to become in the future, not yet having left high school. Moreover, in our opinion, this approach is very correct; it is possible to focus on those subjects that will be useful.

The case-lessons "Professions and career lessons" will help to choose future profession and to understand who is who. Unfortunately, often people's opinions about a particular profession can be wrong. Often, these errors fix personal experience. However, to study several years at the institute profession, which in reality has nothing to do with your idea about it, at least offensively.

The case-lessons "Professions and career lessons" will help students to avoid mistakes when choosing their professional paths. In addition, using the case-lessons, you will be able to learn a lot about the job, which in the modern world is not given much attention. You will dive into the depths of history and be acquainted with the origins of certain specialties. You will be able to learn which professions are the most in demand and highly paid. 

In addition to detailed insight into the world of professions, you will learn the basics of building a successful career in a particular industry. You will be able to determine what skills are needed to achieve career heights, and today you will have the incentive to begin to study that is really needed. 

How can you choose a profession? What qualities do you need to become a financier, a marketer, an administrator, top-manager, programmer, and freelancer and so on? Which professions are obsolete and which ones have a chance soon to rise from the ashes? Is it profitable to be a teacher or a doctor? What is more important – to get a lot of money or benefit society? How to achieve success and personal growth – the case-lessons will answer these and many other questions. 

The case-lessons "Professions and career lessons" are career devoted to the usual occupations, and rather unusual, technical and creative, socially useful and focused purely on enrichment or entertainment. It is enough to buy the case-lesson to find out what is the closest one to you. Therefore, the section has already have lessons dedicated to this unusual, but extremely necessary professions, as the guardian of the forest and pharmacist. Do you want to know what the difference between forester and huntsman is? Alternatively, do you prefer the industry of medicine and is haunted by the question: what is the difference between a chemist and a pharmacist? We offer you to penetrate deeply into the essence of the above professions to not only expand horizons, but also enrich the amount of additional knowledge.

The lesson "The lord of the forest" will not just give you an idea who the huntsman is, and who the forester is, it will also teach the rules of behavior in the woods and instill a love of "lights of the world". It will tell about the professions of forester and huntsman, where they were sung and how relevant in the current realities. The subject is studied touching such areas as law, science, health, social studies, history, and literature. 

The lesson that is dedicated to the profession of pharmacist will give detailed information about the specialties from the point of view of psychology, social science, law, science and... even advertising.

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