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Makeup and personal hygiene

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    Did you know that the earliest known soap was made by the Babylonians around 2800BC, and this proces.. >>>

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Conscientious parents usually teach the child the habit of keeping face and body clean. The rules of hygiene are not discussed publicly. However, to speak on the subject of personal grooming and cleanliness, at least to understand the usefulness of such measures, is simply necessary. "Makeup and personal hygiene" the case-lessons will not recall the simple and well-known truth that you need to brush your teeth in the morning and not to forget about the morning and evening washing. The case-lessons will acquaint the students with the concepts, phenomena, objects and their properties, without which it is impossible to care for. 

The case-lessons "Makeup and personal hygiene" will be useful to students who are ready to extract information from any available source. All the notes of case-lessons contain structured, illustrated material that is assimilated easily by the brain and remains in memory forever. If you have used the case-lessons from our website at least once, you probably know that information is considered from different points of view and under the prism of different sciences. All information "Makeup and personal hygiene" is mainly concerned with fashion, beauty, health and the environment. However, this does not mean that the student will not face with fundamental sciences. 

One of the case-lessons presented on our website dedicated, for example, the usual bath accessories that people use several times a day. We are talking about soap. What can we learn new by studying a piece of an extruded flavored fat? In fact, the process of soap creating is not only time consuming but also fascinating, and its components have a variety of properties and different effects on the human body. Buy the case-lesson "Soap – beauty and advantage", and learn how the soap "works", what it is, what kind of soap is the most beautiful, is it possible to make soap at home?

Having studied the note of the case-lesson, you will learn that soap can be not only an indispensable item of hygiene, but also a real work of art. You will uncover the secret of soap foams, and which molecules are responsible for this process, and why some types of soap do not cause irritation in case of contacting with eyes. 

The most exciting part of the case-lesson will appeal to a variety of sciences and practices. For example, you will get the basics of soap making, and you will get to know its history. You will learn if soap can affect the environment, and then you will be able to make the argument if it brings benefit or harm. In addition, you will find exclusive information about using soup in space. Moreover, perhaps you will be able to open new talents and aspirations that will later be embodied in a personal hobby. 

The case-lessons "Makeup and personal hygiene" will help to become educated, more independent and smarter. You will be able to develop a sense of taste, to control the quality of products they you use, and think positively.

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