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  • Case “The Wing”

Case “The Wing”7+ Level

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word "wing"? Do you think of delicate wings of a butterfly or sweeping wings of an eagle? Is it a wing of an airplane or a parachute wing? And, perhaps, you can imagine the cover over the wheel of a bicycle or a car. The word "wing" can describe many different objects - from a wing intended for a flight, be it a bird or an airplane, to the wing of a building or an element of armour.

In this case-lesson you can get acquainted with all the "incarnations" of the wing.

Let's expand your knowledge in physics, technology, biology, architecture, and sports.

We will also practice such competencies as leadership, teamwork, positive thinking, self-control, overcoming of obstacles, concentration, goals setting, prioritization, personal responsibility, critical thinking, and individual and group work.

What knowledge the case lesson gives?


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