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Computers and programming

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    Case "What is Android?" 2 + grade

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    Who is the Android? The robot that looks like a human? If it is so, could it have emotions or empath.. >>>

    • Scans: Technology/Computers/Intelligence/Emotion/Philosophy/Ethics/Sports/Art/Literature/Film

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    If you happen to see an ancient (about 400 BC) silver coin from Knossos, you will notice a labyrinth.. >>>

    • Scans: History/Technology/Science/Computer science/Mathematics/Relaxation/Practical skills/Arts/Quest

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Modern man lives side by side with machines, programmed to perform certain tasks. Only the most ignorant and incurious may not be interested in the operation of computers and other devices. Case-lessons "Computers and programming" will help you better understand the issues associated with computer technologies, acquainted with the intricacies of a particular software, which is popular in modern computer and mobile systems, to learn not only about its basic functions, but also to see from the inside. 

"Computers and programming" is an opportunity to learn deeply the topic of a particular phenomenon or subject. The theme of "Computers and programming" will help to understand in details the following issues: 

- What are the computers? 

- Who creates computer programs and mobile apps? 

- How can computers and software affect a person's life: health, position in society and so on?

- Case-lessons will tell about how the computers are connected with various Sciences.  

- Which operating systems are most commonly used in computers and other gadgets? 

Case-lessons "Computers and programming" will help you learn the subject not only in theory but also in practice. Every case-lesson is full of different diagrams, videos and practical tasks, which are recommended for students for better absorption of the material. 

Why are case-lessons so useful? 

Studying the case-lesson the student has a great opportunity to improve such important personal development skills as leadership, ability to defend point of view, to learn new, including quite complex information, to work in a team, to concentrate, develop logical thinking, to set goals and establish ways to achieve them. 

As for technical skills, case-lessons "Computers and programming" will teach how to competently operate machinery, as well as develop the desire to the invention, which in the future will have a positive impact on the career of the student. You can buy case-lessons at our online education store.

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