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  • Case "Chemistry of love"

Case "Chemistry of love"10-11 Level

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Chemistry of love. Is it about science or about mystery? Are there special “love agents" in our minds that make us feel love in our hearts? 

A poet, describing love, would probably say such words as soul, flower, spring, happiness, energy, dream ...

A scientist, describing love, would definitely mention Dopamine, Norepinephrine, Oxytoxin, Endorphine, Phenylethylamine ...

Who is right? Can there be only one answer? 

Let's discover it in the case-lesson "Chemistry of love"!

Here we go through such school subjects as chemistry, biology, anatomy, physics, art, literature, music, psychology and many others.

Additionally,  we practice such competencies as empathy, the ability to build relationship, self-control, communication, the ability to understand people, sense of art and many others.


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