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  • Case "The magical arts world of Maria Prymachenko"

Case "The magical arts world of Maria Prymachenko"5+ Level

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Among all painting styles the Naïve art is one of the most heartwarming and emotional.

These artworks are created by people who do not have the formal professional art education. That is why the colors and shapes are quite simple.

But, the ideas and stories come from the people's hearts and minds, express their worldview and genuine feelings, that is why these artworks are so true and vivid.

Let's take a journey to the vibrant and mysterious world of the Naïve art, using the painting of famous Ukrainian Naïve artist Maria Primachenko.

In this case-lesson we refer to geography, history, poetry, art and practice such skills as sense of art, positive thinking, creativity, individual and teamwork. 


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