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Case "The simplicities and complexities of water"7 + Level

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Water. Its molecule is quite simple in structure (H2O), but its physical and chemical properties are extraordinarily complicated, and they are not typical of most substances found on our planet. 

Aristotle considered water to be one of four fundamental elements, in addition to earth, air and fire. But do we treat this element as the fundamental one of our living?

A lot of questions to come when we start thinking about the simplicities and complexities of water. And way more answers to come when we start exploring it.

So, let's take this fascinating opportunity to investigate the simplest meanwhile the most complex element on the Earth - water. We will do it studying such subjects as chemistry, physics, math, geography, history, ecology and others.

Additionally, we practice such skills as active learning based seeking and synthesizing information, critical thinking, reasoning and argumentation, collaboration, personal responsibility, problem-solving, curiosity, and imagination.

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