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  • Case  "Exciting Christmas Adventure"

Case "Exciting Christmas Adventure"6+ Level

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No matter how Christmas is celebrated all over the world, no matter what traditions are cherished by the representatives of different countries, there is one thing at Christmas that unites everybody: peace, comfort and joy prevail almost at every home. People forget about all the problems and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the holiday! 

Just listen to the very word “Christmas”. What a wonderful word! Do you feel the warmth and smell of the holiday at once? Christmas is just a magical day! On this day you can not only receive a gift, but also give away a piece of your happiness. No ideas? Then we will help you! We`ll also look into the history of this holiday and even make up our own Christmas fairy tale.

Are you impatient to plunge into an amazing Christmas adventure? Well, then let's study and have fun together! And, besides, we are going to acquire such important modern competencies as leadership, teamwork, pluralism, delegation of authority, ability to correct mistakes, ability to listen and hear, ability to learn, positive thinking, overcoming obstacles, ability to concentrate, personal responsibility, intelligence, ability to filter information, skillsto act under the conditions of uncertainty, creativity. 


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