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  • Case "Chess – combinatorial thinking"

Case "Chess – combinatorial thinking"8-10 Level

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Sometimes life can be compared to a chessboard where the players play their "own game".

Some combinations are good, and the player succeeds. 

Another player may choose a wrong strategy or tactics and lose the game. 

So, how do you become a master in chess and use the game strategies in life?

This case-lesson will help you to answer this difficult question and understand why chess skills are not just about chess.

In this case-lesson you go through such school subjects as geography, sports, history, technology, science, literature, and economics.

Additionally, you will also practice such competencies as -independent thinking, memory, the ability to correct mistakes and overcome obstacles, the ability to learn and manage time, self-control, the ability to focus your attention, the ability to filter information, the ability to operate in conditions of uncertainty, and positive thinking.