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  • Case "Fizzy drinks”"

Case "Fizzy drinks”"9-10 Level

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Sense: Children like fizzy drinks especially in the hottest time of the year. Why? Why does the child not ask parents to buy fruits or fruit juice, but soda? Moreover, this phenomenon is observed all around the world.

Attractiveness: What is the reason for such massive popularity of carbonated drinks? The case-lesson will uncover this secret. It provides useful, interesting and perhaps somewhat unexpected information in school subjects: science, history, mathematics, English, art, economics. 

Competence: In addition, the result of working with the case-lesson will become the acquisition of a number of key competencies: teamwork, independent thinking, ability to learn, positive thinking, critical thinking, intelligence, working with technology, practical and domestic skills, creativity, ability to filter information, concern for quality, and the ability to understand the art, the ability to earn and spend money.