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  • Case "The struggle for life, and oil"

Case "The struggle for life, and oil"11 Level

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Sense: "Oil war" is happening for decades. What is the reason for it and meaning? What are the possible scenarios? Could there be a winner? Can humanity lose perfect future because of these wars? Is it possible to prevent it? In addition, how?

Attractiveness: This case-lesson will arm you with the latest knowledge and information for understanding all oil processes, adequate assessment of its value and prospects of using. It is fully consistent with the school curriculum in science, geography, ecology, economy, and expands and complements it.

Competence: Also the case-lesson will give the opportunity to acquire competencies that will enhance your competitiveness and profitability, as a future professional and a successful person: leadership, teamwork, independent thinking, positive thinking, adaptability, overcoming obstacles, ability to set goals and priorities, concern for quality, personal responsibility, critical thinking, intelligence, ability to earn and spend money, the ability to act in conditions of uncertainty, ability to negotiate, ability to filter information, the ability to remove the excess.


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