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  • Case "Architecture of the modern world"

Case "Architecture of the modern world"7+ Level

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What is architecture? Is it just a part of the "external facade" of our world or art? Is it about forms or comfort? Is it about buildings or about ideas? What is it like to be an architect? How much does it cost to design and to build a building? What is modern architecture about? And how do professionals create a real architectural masterpiece?

Find answers to these and other questions in this case-lesson. The case-lesson is fully consistent with curriculum in science, history, geography, economics, and  technology and  how  it expands and complements it.

From this case-lesson you will also learn how to understand art, how to be creative, how to learn from nature, and to practice such important competencies as positive thinking, presentation skill, technology, critical thinking, and project work.

What knowledge the case lesson gives?