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  • Case "How to become a brand"

Case "How to become a brand"9 Level

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Sense: The world is ruled by brands. These companies open someone’s’ wallet. Moreover, the same products are similar, but they can change public opinion and appeal to consumers. 

Attractiveness: The case-lesson will tell you how to "be the brand". In addition, it fully meets the school curriculum in history and economics, extends and complements it.

Competence: The result of the case-lesson will be an important "competitive" competencies: leadership, teamwork, respect for diversity, ability to handle mistakes, independent thinking, ability to learn, positive thinking, self-control, adaptability, overcoming obstacles, ability to concentrate, ability to set goals and priorities, concern for quality, personal responsibility, presentation, ingenuity and creativity, ability to earn and spend money, the ability to make advertising, the ability to act in conditions of uncertainty.