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  • Case «Amber – a drop of the sun»

Case «Amber – a drop of the sun»9 Level

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There are so many names of this amazing stone! It is called the concentrate of sunlight, sea foam, hardened from the rays of the sun, oil from the seabed, resin of coniferous trees and even frozen tears of the girls, who mourned dead soldiers. And poets called it "gifts of the sun" or "tears of the sea". It is not only shrouded in many legends, but it also keeps the secrets of Physics, Chemistry, Technology, Geography and History.

This case lesson will help to reveal these secrets and, at the same time, to master such necessary competences as pluralism, empathy, ability to learn, independence of thought, development of taste, memory - operational and long-term, positive thinking, emotionality, ability to concentrate, overcome obstacles, ability to set goals, self-presentation and presentation of own ideas, etiquette and ability to understand art.


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