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Wealthynomics of countries: the accumulation and consumption

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    Sense: "Oil war" is happening for decades. What is the reason for it and meaning? What are the .. >>>

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Do you want to learn the economical basics? Maybe it is enough to continue to save costs and we need finally to start getting rich to becoming wealthy? Because everybody is tired to live feeling we are constantly denying ourselves. That is why we must try to augment, rather than just trying to preserve what we have. In the end, if all efforts will be directed only to preserve, nothing new will be created. We will not to have enough for it because will spend it to saving. However, what about the progress? How about the desire to improve lives and financial situation from day to day? Do you need to forget about dreams, trying to save what you have today?

Many graduates of schools and universities, starting to have own budget, understand that completely do not know how to dispose money properly. Moreover, how to spend money wisely? Where and how invest money? Somehow, these things were not to be taught in educational institutions, but we cannot have happy life without ability to spend and earn money! So, why people have not been taught the correct accumulation and consumption from early childhood? Why do we learn to read and write in the school, but along with it is ignored equally important knowledge and skills? For example, to dispose of the available funds properly. If you learn to do it by own example, it will be possible to improve the situation in the country.  

Many of us do not like how much and where the state invests money: some people receive not enough money monthly. Others believe that such benefits (such as scholarships and pensions) should be canceled altogether – let everyone makes a living on their own, get grants instead of being lazy.

Case-lessons that are available in "Wealthynomics country: the accumulation and consumption" are logically divided into several groups. To buy case-lesson means to obtain critical knowledge. Where does the state take money? Can it like a man, to increase income and reduce consumption? How do countries give each other loans, and who will pay debts? What important natural resources are available in each particular country? 

Through case-lessons accumulation and consumption, each student will be able to assess the economic situation in the country, to understand how effective the chosen power is, and even to participate in global reform, offering their own ideas. Agree that this prospect cannot be intrigued.

Why is it needed to deprive students and pupils the opportunity to participate in the life of their own country? After all, the younger generation, according to tradition, is the hope of his state. They have to build country for themselves.  And if you prepare a person for this role from a young age, giving the right guidance, who knows, maybe a lot of mistakes and crises can be avoided.

Case-lessons that you find in the section are able to give knowledge about how to ensure the country's wealth and well-being of its citizens.

Why is the word Wealthynomics a key one? Because it is the right message that the students will receive. It has a great influence on their thoughts and actions. Saving, of course, sometimes is necessary, no one is immune from this, but it is much more effective to increase the income constantly.

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