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Atlas of the Perfect Education SystemAtlas of the Perfect Education System Level

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Atlases are different. There are Geographic Atlases, which depict continents, oceans, countries, seas, mountains and rivers. In them, one can take a glance – where is that located on the planet Earth.

There are also Road Atlases (as well as Google's navigation), which depicts highways, exits and interchanges. There you can chose the navigation of your route, – more convenient and quicker to reach your destination.

There are Starry Sky Atlases, in which constellations and Galaxies are depicted, along which the trajectories of the motion of stars, meteorites and satellites are figure out.

Here you can see the Atlas of an Ideal Education System, according to which it is easy to be guided by key questions: how, what, and why study in the 21st century? In Atlas you can find a collection of the world's best educational technologies, curricula, design spaces, business models, pedagogical innovations and unique formats of the world's best schools.

This Atlas is irreplaceable and it “must have” every school, family, university, researcher, policy maker, and teacher.

Why? Because never before in one place a unique and convenient information about the Education System in the 21st century was collected, for use from a local school to the whole education industry.


For your convinience here you can see some pages to cast what does the book look like inside.